Usborne Books

: Usborne Publishing is a multiple award-winning, independent children's publishing company. Based in the UK, Usborne books are available worldwide. Founded by Peter Usborne over 30 years ago, the company revolutionized children's publishing with information books that combined very high educational and editorial standards - and made finding out fun. Within months of first publication, Usborne books were a major international success. Now translated into over 80 languages, the Usborne books have been widely imitated but never bettered and continues to earn glowing reviews and prestigious prizes.

With the advent of the Internet as a source of information, Usborne books were the first UK children's publishing company to produce Internet-linked books - books with links via the Usborne Quicklinks Website to recommended websites that complement and enhance the information in the book with movies, sounds, pronunciation guides, games and quizzes on the Internet. There are now over 200 Usborne Internet-linked books including atlases, encyclopedias, language books and dictionaries.

The list of Usborne books continues to expand, most recently with bestselling, irresistible Touchy-feely books, imaginative activity books and delightful stories for preschool children, and an exciting and beautifully written range of fiction and non-fiction reading books for beginner readers.

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