Shurley English

: Shurley English Grammar is a serious curriculum with a light-hearted approach that helps get kids involved. Part of this unique approach includes learning the rules of grammar using catchy songs and jingles. Audio CD's are included to provide the music and songs. Teachers are provided with detailed, organized lesson plans to follow. As kids get older and no longer want to participate in singing the jingles, that's okay too. The songs can be skipped to focus on the grammar lessons and exercises. Bible-related activities, writing assignments, and sentences with a religious tone are found in some levels of the Shurley English Homeschool curriculum. They are optional and are intended as bonus activities.

Shurley English curriculum includes a student workbook, teacher manual, practice booklet, and intro audio CD for each level. The student workbook, practice booklet, and intro audio CD can be purchased separately or as part of the grade level kit. The teacher manual cannot be purchased separately. It is only available by purchasing the kit. In addition, a set of two practice CD's is available so students can check their work on their practice sentences. An educational CD ROM is also available to reinforce skills. Recommended for grades 1-12. Published by Shurley English Grammar. Learn more about the Shurley English Grammar Curriculum.

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