On Core Mathematics

: On Core Mathematics is a complete companion program for transitioning your students to the Common Core State Standards through interactive math worksheets. This program is designed to be a supplement to your current math curriculum to help students master the Common Core Standards. On Core Mathematics offers teachers a flexible way to fill in any gaps between other math curriculums and the new standards. Teachers can selectively use only the specific lessons needed or use the entire student workbook for comprehensive coverage. On Core provides a complete Common Core Standards solution. On Core Mathematics utilizes interactive, real-world applications that help students deepen their understanding of crucial math concepts, while addressing the Common Core Curriculum and the Standards for Mathematical Practice. On Core Mathematics is a comprehensive, ready-made resource providing instruction, practice and assessment for each Common Core State Mathematics Standard at every grade level.

On Core Mathematics for grades k-12 prepares students for assessments by developing their procedural, application, and critical thinking skills. On Core Mathematics develops student understanding of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in an interactive format. Each grade level includes a Student Worktext and Teacher Edition. In grades K-5, students actively participate in lessons that use math manipulatives and step-by-step example problems to develop understanding of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. In grades 6 through Algebra 2, students gain a deeper understanding of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics by exploring, interacting, and reflecting on the skills and concepts presented. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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