Foreign Language Courses

: The world is experiencing a historic transition, changing from independent sovereign nations into a global economy. International travel has become common and continues to increase. Millions of people routinely visit other parts of the world, and many are even re-locating permanently in foreign countries. In this environment anyone who can help break the language barrier has a competitive advantage in the job market. Learning a foreign language has never been more important! In Europe and Asia, it is common for kids to know at least two languages and sometimes three or four. Meanwhile in the United States, most kids speak only English and are struggling to speak it correctly. All of these trends point to a great need for American kids to study and master at least one major foreign language like Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. We offer excellent courses for each of these languages that can help parents and teachers train their students successfully. These language lessons help students master reading, writing, speaking, and listening to other people speaking the foreign language. These courses also inform students about the culture and history of each language. These resources can be used effectively in school classrooms or as a homeschool curriculum.

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