Horizons Math

:  Horizons Math is a K-6 homeschool curriculum published by Alpha Omega Publications, the same Christian publishers who produces Alpha Omega Lifepac and Switched on Schoolhouse. Horizons Math differs from Alpha Omega Lifepac and Switched on Schoolhouse in that it is a spiral, rather than a mastery approach. It is also slightly more advanced than the other two versions, which are sometimes considered a little below level. Like all Alpha Omega books, Horizons homeschooling curriculum is based on the Bible and integrates scripture into the lessons.

Horizons Math is formatted in brightly illustrated, engaging workbooks filled with consumable lessons and hands-on activities. Manipulatives are required and are an important part of this curriculum because of the emphasis on hands-on activities, especially in the early grades. Explore math through sports and other real life applications. Divided into 160 lessons, this fun course includes a colorful student workbook, tests and resources book, and a teachers guide book packed with tips and hands on activities to make algebraic concepts easy to learn. We also offer the math manipulatives, which are required to complete this homeschool curriculum. The manipulatives are sold as a complete curriculum in a convenient storage tub.

Horizons Math is an excellent homeschool curriculum recommended by several homeschooling experts. Some parents prefer Horizons to Saxon Math (also known for its spiral review), since Horizons provides more practice up front with new concepts. The spiral approach reviews math concepts previously obtained in earlier units to help kids achieve mastery. The goal of Horizons Math is for your student to develop solid math reasoning skills and learn to apply these skills to real-life situations. The seven major themes covered are Numbers, Order, and Value; Addition and Subtraction; Ratios, Measurement, and Decimals; Fractions and Comparison; Equations, Colors, and Geometry; Graphs, Estimation, and Solving; and Multiplication and Division. Horizons recently added a Pre-Algebra curriculum, which is recommended for 7th grade.

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