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: Bob Jones University Press publishes homeschool curriculum books for all school subjects and grade levels. BJU Press strives to produce biblically sound, academically excellent materials for homeschool families and Christian Schools. The Bob Jones curriculum is designed to help teachers realize their goals and help students reach their potential. Across all subjects the curriculum presents a thoroughly Christian worldview promoting the belief that all truth comes from God and all truth should be taught from God’s perspective. The books build on each other from one grade level to the next to create a complete, unified learning experience. Students gain a sound education without wasting precious time trying to adjust to different textbooks for different subjects. Bob Jones homeschool products are all designed to work together to produce a complete education.

The student textbooks used in each Bob Jones homeschool curriculum concentrate on teaching critical thinking skills that lead to true comprehension. These are not simply phrases, but driving principles. Teacher books are also available for every subject at every level. Test and answer books are available to assess the progress of every student. Each Bob Jones homeschool curriculum is designed to help students comprehend what they are reading, make good judgments about what they read, and act appropriately on what they have come to understand. The goal is to instill life changing values and knowledge in every student.

Every Bob Jones homeschool curriculum includes lessons that are active and engaging, texts that are colorful and interesting, and applications that are real-life and convincing. The books are designed to draw students deeper into the subjects and the lessons. Curriculum books are available from other publishers for lower prices, but comparing the lesson contents shows Bob Jones is one of the best values available anywhere. We offer the lowest prices available anywhere for the whole line of Bob Jones homeschool curriculum books. Published by BJU Press.

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