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  Saxon Math Course 3 Gr. 8 Assessment Bk    

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Categories: Saxon Math Course 3 2012 8th Grade

ISBN: 9781591419105
Saxon Math Course 3 Assessment Book supports mastery of the Common Core Standards by providing Placement Tests, Baseline Tests, Power Up Tests, Cumulative Assessments, End of Course Exams, Recording Forms, and Answer Keys. Recommended for 8th grade. Format: softcover book, 180 pages. Copyright 2007 but recommended for use with the 2012 Student Edition. The Course 1 Assessment Book did not require an update in 2012.

Placement Test
The Placement Test is a 50 problem test that can be used to help teachers find the best initial placement for students who are new to Saxon Math. The Placement Test is not intended for use with current Saxon Math students.

Baseline Test
The Baseline Test is a 50 problem, multiple choice test. It should be administered only once, early in the school year, to gauge the skills of incoming students. The content covers skills and concepts that are included in the math curriculum of the preceding year.

Power Up Tests
The Power Up Tests are administered with the Cumulative Test. Each Cumulative Test identifies the Power Up Test to be taken that day. Every Power Up Test contains a facts section and a problem solving section. The Power Up Tests are designed to assess ability to quickly recall basic math facts, demonstrate basic skills, implement problem solving strategies, and communicate mathematical ideas.

Cumulative Tests
The Cumulative Tests are designed to provide teachers with diagnostic information. The Cumulative Test design allows students to demonstrate the skills they have developed, and it builds confidence that will benefit students when they encounter comprehensive standardized tests. Cumulative Tests should be given after every fifth lesson, beginning after Lesson 10.

Benchmark Tests
Three cumulative Benchmark Tests for Saxon Math Course 3 are included. The Benchmark Tests are designed to measure student comprehension of topics previously introduced in the course. They provide a measure of student progress on a regular basis and can help identify concepts for which additional instruction and practice is indicated. The Benchmark Tests also provide additional practice with multiple choice items. Each test contains 25 multiple choice problems. To conserve school days, these tests may be used in lieu of Cumulative Tests 6, 12, and 18, which cover content through Lessons 30, 60, and 90 respectively.

End of Course Exam
The End of Course Exam is a comprehensive, 50 problem, multiple choice test that assesses student knowledge of the content presented during the course. This cumulative assessment should be administered as late in the year as possible.

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