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  Holt Mcdougal Larson Algebra 1 Teacher    

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Larson Algebra 1 is designed to help students succeed on important assessment tests and in future mathematics courses while also making the teaching job easier. To achieve these objectives, the authors reviewed and addressed the curriculum and assessment guidelines of many states and of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The teacher edition includes an extensive collection of resources to assist teachers in the classroom. It combines clear, straightforward instruction in concepts and skills with thought provoking student activities, relevant real life applications, and powerful strategies for problem solving and communication. Feedback has been incorporated from many teachers and students who have used earlier editions.

The complete student edition textbook is included in the pages of the teacher edition. Throughout each chapter, carefully coordinated summaries and reviews focus on key concepts, vocabulary, and problem solving skills. Larson Algebra 1 supports teaching in a variety of ways, including direct instruction, hands on activities, paper and pencil explorations, and calculator assisted solutions. Exercises are easily adapted to a range of abilities. For each lesson, both skill and problem solving exercises are labeled A, B, and C level in the teacher edition. Instruction and practice on answering standardized test questions are embedded so teachers can prepare students for high stakes tests. Format: hardcover, 1,174 pages. Copyright 2011.

This edition of Larson Algebra 1 is not aligned with the Common Core Standards but teachers can still use this program to achieve the Common Core Standards by using it along with a companion program called On Core Mathematics. On Core Mathematics enables Larson Algebra 1 students to make the transition to the Common Core State Standards through interactive worksheets. "

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