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School And Homeschool Curriculum Books

Harcourt StoryTown Reading Books
Harcourt Storytown Student Books
These award winning StoryTown student textbooks are filled with engaging selections, interesting photographs, beautiful illustrations, opportunities for cross curricular investigations, and just the right amount of skills to motivate students to become active learners.
Harcourt Storytown Teacher Resources
StoryTown Teacher Editions correspond to lessons in the student textbooks. When it comes to lesson organization, StoryTown features a consistent lesson design, giving your students a solid foundation from which to build upon.
Harcourt Story Town Spelling Resources
These Harcourt StoryTown Spelling Practice Books provide students with additional spelling practice and resources for phonics and word structure skills. A teacher book is also available for each grade level.
Harcourt Storytown Grammar Practice
StoryTown Grammar Practice Books offer students opportunities to apply the conventions of language in meaningful context, as they are taught in reciprocal reading and writing activities.
Harcourt Storytown Leveled Readers
StoryTown Level Readers are designed to build concepts and vocabulary based on the reading level of each student. Leveled Readers include Advanced, On Level, and Below Level. There are also readers for English Language Learners.
Harcourt Storytown Phonics Books
StoryTown Phonics Practice offers phonemic awareness instruction in every lesson to provide concrete activities for children to manipulate the sounds they hear in language.
Harcourt Storytown Practice Books
StoryTown practice materials include practice copying masters, student practice books, teacher practice books, project ideas, and Read Aloud Anthologies. The practice books allow students to apply the focused reading and language skills taught in the StoryTown Reading Program.
Harcourt Storytown Preschool Resources
StoryTown Pre-Kindergarten materials includes a teacher book, a teacher resource book, lap books, big alphabet cards, magnetic letters, center activity cards, picture word cards, activity books, a music CD and a nursery rhymes anthology. StoryTown Big Books are also available.
Harcourt Storytown Writers Companion
These StoryTown Writers Companion books offer instruction in writing craft skills to help students use the traits of good writing. The student books provide opportunities to practice evaluating and revising. A Teacher Edition is also available.
Harcourt Storytown Assessment Tests
These testing and assessment materials measure student growth in reading and language skills taught over a theme from the StoryTown Reading Program.
Harcourt Storytown Big Books
These Big Books are designed for the StoryTown first grade reading program. Big Books delight small groups with engaging literature for children on large, easy to see pages.
Harcourt Storytown Cards
These cards provide students with extra fluency practice of lessons from the StoryTown Reading Program, presented in an engaging colorful format.
Harcourt Storytown Challenge Books
StoryTown Challenge Trade Books give students a springboard to advanced reading, writing and thinking. Challenge books support literacy and comprehension by theme and include classic and contemporary trade books for each theme that relate to the literary and content elements of the theme.
Harcourt Storytown Decodable Books
StoryTown decodable books provide opportunities for students to apply knowledge of specific letter-sound relationships in connected text.
Harcourt Storytown Gold Pass Readers
These StoryTown Gold Pass books expose students to additional reading skills and strategies such as content area standards, vocabulary, and expository nonfiction text. Available materials include teacher book, assessments, practice books, transparencies and student readers.
Harcourt Storytown Intervention
StoryTown Intervention is designed to help students who are below the reading level for their grade. The goal is to bring their reading skills up to grade level by the end of the school year.
Harcourt Storytown Library Books
StoryTown Library Books help to expand students developing reading skills. Library Books are available as a classroom collection, as single copies or as 5-packs of each title. Teacher Guides are also available.
Harcourt Storytown Literacy Center
The StoryTown Literacy Center offers built in classroom management. While teachers provide direct instruction to individuals or small groups, other students can work at Literacy Centers to reinforce skills. The Literacy Center components are available separately or as a kit.
Harcourt Storytown Little Books
StoryTown Little Books offer smaller sized versions of StoryTown Big Books. These items are available as part of the Little Book Collection or as a separate purchase.
Harcourt Storytown Transparencies
Transparencies provide a valuable aid for teaching students using the StoryTown Reading Program. The transparencies provide visual support and direct instruction for students while building skills and strategies.


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