Target Spelling

: Steck Vaughn Target Spelling gives special needs students a spelling program that addresses the way they learn. Different students learn different ways. This unique spelling program allows teachers to meet the needs of special education students by differentiating instruction to address a variety of learning styles and profiles. The curriculum addresses three different learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

This spelling curriculum combines a multi-modality instructional approach with a consistent lesson format, careful pacing, and straightforward design to support independent work either in the classroom or as a homeschool curriculum. Students with diverse learning styles working at different levels can use Target Spelling simultaneously. This sequential series includes six levels, covering 1,260 spelling words. The first three books concentrate on high-frequency words from the Dolch Basic Sight Word List. The upper levels include more linguistically complex and frequently misspelled words.

Steck Vaughn Target Spelling encourages students to use spelling strategies to correctly spell words. Spelling strategies are designed to help students notice word families and patterns among words, examine words visually to build a sense of what "looks right" in spelling, and think about the sounds of the words they are trying to spell. Spelling strategies create links between what students already know and new concepts. Spelling strategies and a step-by-step Word Study framework provide tips and tools students can refer to again and again. Exercises offer practice using a wide variety of spelling strategies, including word analysis, using words in context, and focusing on spelling patterns. An easy-to-administer placement test is also included to ensure that students enter the program at the right instructional level.

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