Steck Vaughn Mastering Math

: Steck Vaughn Mastering Math is a one-of-a-kind alternative math curriculum for special-needs students. When students don't respond to a basal approach, this series offers an alternate route to math mastery. Core content is presented with straightforward instruction, simple design, low readability, and plenty of practice to help students build confidence as they build abilities. The curriculum maintains a consistent lesson format, which features instructional models, guided practice, and real-world, problem-solving application. Each level from 1st to 6th grade includes a softcover student book and teacher book.

Steck Vaughn Mastering Math helps students stay focused by eliminating distracting graphics and highlighting problems in individual boxes. Readability is maintained at low levels. Two extra practice pages are included in each chapter. Practice Books with Answer Keys offer even more opportunities for independent practice and review. Student progress is measured by chapter reviews, chapter checkups, chapter tests, and cumulative reviews.

The Teachers Edition makes it easy to use Steck Vaughn Mastering Math as a core math curriculum because it includes teaching notes and answers for each annotated student page, chapter pretest and posttest blackline masters, math vocabulary and symbols, and real-world, problem-solving suggestions. Mastering Math is ideal for school classrooms or as a homeschool curriculum.

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