Steck Vaughn Maps Globes and Graphs

: Steck Vaughn Maps, Globes and Graphs is a popular series of geography activity books for kids in grades 1-6. These hands-on workbooks help map the way to geography skills success! Full color worktexts integrate map and graph skills instruction with any social studies curriculum. Practice, enrichment, and extension activities as well as unique teaching aids complement basal instruction when you need it most. Annotated Teacher Editions link map skills to classroom maps and globes as well as current events. Blackline masters include sample standardized test question and outline maps. Full-color transparencies are included for each chapter.

Students build confidence and mastery of practical geography skills with consistent, six-page chapters. Each chapter includes two teaching pages, two practice pages, one mixed practice page, and one review page. An atlas in each book offers easy access to important information. Bold-faced geography terms are referenced in the glossary. Geography Themes up Close introduces students to the five themes of geography: location, place, human environment/interaction, movement, and region.

     Maps Globes Graphs 1st Grade

     Maps Globes Graphs 2nd Grade

     Maps Globes Graphs 3rd Grade

     Maps Globes Graphs 4th Grade

     Maps Globes Graphs 5th Grade

     Maps Globes Graphs 6th Grade