TITLE: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6
PUBLISHER: School Specialty
GRADE LEVEL: 6th Grade
PREREQUISITES: 5th Grade vocabulary
REQUIRED MATERIALS: Student Book, Teacher Book, Audio Recordings

Since the early days of the original Wordly Wise program, the curriculum has been acclaimed for excellence in teaching vocabulary. Word lists were selected to provide useful and somewhat advanced exposure to words, as well as words commonly misused or misunderstood. Each lesson contained approximately one week’s worth of exercises. The exercises were designed not only to teach students the definition, but to give them practice identifying correct usage and where they could insert the word into a sentence. Interesting word histories and crossword puzzles added to make learning fun became famous hallmarks of Wordly Wise.

The new Wordly Wise 3000 curriculum is designed to keep the successful elements of the earlier edition while adding four entirely new grade levels as well as reading comprehension passages across the curriculum. Some of the exercises have changed somewhat, however, the famous crossword puzzles continue to delight students. A completely revamped word list ensures students are learning words that are selected directly from standardized tests and grade level text books. The “3000” included in the name Wordly Wise 3000 reflects the fact that with the new word list, students who complete the full K-12 program will have learned 3000 words.

Some of the strengths of the Wordly Wise 3000 6th grade vocabulary program are the emphasis placed on understanding words in context and building general reading comprehension skills. A not to be overlooked strength is the program’s kid appeal. The children enjoy the fun crossword puzzles, interesting word histories, and engaging reading sections. Finally, the program includes audio recordings of the words and definitions and reading comprehension sections. For auditory learners or ESL students, this is a definite strength of the program.

Some weaknesses come up in the exercises, some of which are a bit less challenging than the original Wordly Wise 6th grade vocabulary. Selecting from two choices the right beginning and ending for a sentence just isn’t as brainy an activity as identifying one correct definition out of four choices. Another weakness commented on by conservatives is that the reading passages seem to have a very politically correct bias for a 6th grade vocabulary book. A minor weakness is the voice on the recording. Some find the tone to be expressionless and uninspiring.

There is a five part format to each lesson in the 6th grade vocabulary from Wordly Wise 3000. There are four exercises, followed by a comprehension reading which contains the vocabulary words. Students must answer questions about the comprehension passage by composing sentences which contain lesson vocabulary words. The four other exercises are “Finding Meanings”, “Just the Right Word”, “Applying Meanings”, and “Word Study.” Each lesson contains 15 words and the format is flexible, designed to be able to be completed on a 15, 20, or 30 week schedule. Selecting a 15 or 20 week schedule allows the student to complete two books in a single year.

When selecting materials for the Wordly Wise 3000 6th grade vocabulary program, school teachers will probably want the complete teacher resource book. Homeschool families can opt for that comprehensive teacher resource book (which includes an answer-key) or just the answer key. For some families, the teacher resource book is very helpful, since it contains teaching tips and program overview, as well as reproducible review and test materials. But really it is designed for the classroom. Most homeschol parents are able to succeed very well with the answer key alone. There are even a few who don’t even bother with the key at all, grading the work from the glossary and general knowledge.

The words taught at the Wordly Wise 3000 6th grade vocabulary level, are specially selected to ensure success on standardized tests and in reading comprehension. The word list is compiled directly from high stakes tests and grade level textbooks.

Teaching from the Wordly Wise 3000 6th grade vocabulary program does not require any special training. Homeschoolers generally find it quite user friendly even with just the student book and key. Classroom teachers will appreciate the teacher resource book (which provides program overview and group activity tips as well as the key), since it makes the teaching even easier.

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