Bob Jones University Press is one of the oldest Christian school and homeschool publishers out there. They have been producing quality products for decades, and over the last decade they have customized their curriculum to meet the needs of homeschooling students.  This means that most of their curriculum will fit nicely with a homeschool setup. I also appreciate the fact that most of BJU Press books are hardback. This makes the investment in books and curriculum more long term.

I particularly liked this Spanish series because it had a lot of resources that went along with it.  There was the teacher book and manual, the student books, activity manual,  and even premade tests.  There are also accompanying CDs that will help with obtaining the correct pronunciation. This course is based on a Christian perspective, with lessons based on scripture verses and other Biblical principles.  The lessons do compare to other Spanish high school courses in that similar information is covered.  This course is based (CDs) on Latin American Spanish pronunciation versus European Spanish.

The biggest weakness that I saw was the fact that if this was taught by someone with limited Spanish speaking background, then the student might have difficulty picking up the proper accents unless the CDs were used. Many of the instructions for the exercises are written in Spanish.  This would definitely be a problem for a teacher who had NO Spanish background.  The teachers guide does instruct the teacher to use Spanish to instruct the students and to give the lessons in Spanish.  Obviously, this would be a major limitation to the homeschooling parent with no Spanish background. However, I used the first edition of this series, and I believe that the second edition has been revised with more English instructions and teacher tips in order to be more homeschool friendly.

I would recomend this course with the understanding that it would be easier taught by someone with a Spanish background.  With this in mind, the course itself would be comprehensive in covering the necessary Spanish vocabulary and conversation needed for first year high school Spanish. Bob Jones Press has developed a Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 course to follow the Spanish I.  I would definitely recommend obtaining the CDs to guarantee the development of proper pronunciation and accent. Purchasing all of the resources for this course would benefit the student and teacher especially in a homeschool setting. The teacher books and manual give extra tips as well as the answers to the exercises.  The premade tests are a huge timesaver.  Overall, this is a quality Spanish course and would be of great benefit to a student wanting to learn formal Spanish.

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