Wordly Wise 3000 Vocabulary Shows Power of a Vision

I went to school for many years and don’t recall ever even taking a vocabulary class. So how can vocabulary outsell math, reading, writing and all the core subjects?

This is like Rocky Balboa coming out of nowhere to beat Apollo Creed, but Wordly Wise 3000 does this every year!

Wordly Wise is the best selling school and homeschool curriculum brands in our online store. It outsells every other brand we carry. And it’s just vocabulary!

It truly amazes me. We carry lots of other vocabulary brands and they behave themselves just like a good vocabulary curriculum should. They sit on the shelf collecting cobwebs for the most part. Occasionally they might sell a copy or two to some poor … Read the rest of this post…

Study Science Nature and History with Insect Lore

There’s nothing quite like observing nature in action to pique kids curiosity and interest in learning about the world around them.  Watching a caterpillar eat and grow and build a cocoon, then come out a butterfly; watching ants forage, store food, build nests, and interact; seeing worms tunneling through the soil, loosening it for the plants.  These activities do not have to mean field trips to the nature center, or long searches on the playground to possibly find the right example to look at.  Instead, Insect Lore brings nature right into the classroom.

The kits from Insect Lore include lively creatures in specially designed containers that allow for healthy growth and convenient viewing.  There are instruction guides to insure that … Read the rest of this post…

Saxon Math 2 Curriculum Review

TITLE: Saxon Math 2
PUBLISHER: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
GENERAL APPROACH: Scripted lessons

This set of Saxon Math 2 homeschool curriculum books contains Teachers Manual, 2 Student Workbooks with Fact Cards, and Meeting Book.

Saxon Math 2 homeschool curriculum makes teaching math super easy with fully scripted lessons. With this unique approach, there is no need to wonder if your child will understand, or try to think of how to put things the right way. No need to wonder if you covered everything important. As long as you are following the daily script, all concepts will be covered. This way you can be sure that your student received … Read the rest of this post…

Six Easy Science Projects for Elementary Teachers

1)  Crystal “gardens” make easy science projects that are very cool to watch.  Use ammonia, bluing, and a charcoal briquette.  Make a salt solution using as much salt as water will hold along with a tablespoon or two each of ammonia and bluing.  (Perhaps try slightly different proportions on different briquettes, to compare what solution yields the best growth.)  Dunk a charcoal briquette in the solution for a minute to soak (hold it under the surface).  Then place into a ceramic bowl with half an inch or so of solution.  Top off the solution in the bowl as the briquette soaks it up.  For interesting colors, drip different colors of food coloring onto the top of the briquette.

Set bowls … Read the rest of this post…

Christian Liberty Press Studying God’s Word Book A Review

Studying God’s Word is a series of  Bible study curriculum from Christian Liberty Press that is very concise. I have used this particular one, book A, for all three of my children when they were in kindergarten.

This book is published by Christian Liberty Press, which is a christian publisher that I know I can trust. The stories are spot on and written according to the word of God. In this book there is a lesson for each week making it a real no brainer. The questions at the end of each lesson cover key points in the Bible stories that my children enjoyed answering. There are also many pictures for each story to illustrate important facts.

Weaknesses:… Read the rest of this post…

Alpha Omega Lifepac 11th Grade Chemistry

The Alpha Omega Lifepac approach to high school chemistry science is designed to be highly motivating and inspiring, encourage independent learning, and to make the best use of a busy high school student’s time.  The format is a unit workbook format, rather unusual for 11th grade chemistry curriculum, but quite successful.  The teaching method is mastery learning.  Best of all, especially in a high school science curriculum, is that the worldview is definitely Christian, striving always to present a Biblical perspective.  That’s an important grounding for a college bound high school student.

Topics and Methodology:
The Alpha Omega 11th grade chemistry course is a college preparatory program.  It covers challenging topics such as hydrocarbons and carbon chemistry; compounds and mixtures; … Read the rest of this post…

Ideas for the Spelling Practice Book

A spelling practice book is indispensable part of any spelling program.  This gives a designated space where students jot down words they need to work on, and where they then go and work on those words.  There are many ways to organize the spelling practice book.  Here are a few:

Use left hand pages for listing “words to be practiced” and the right hand page for doing that practice.  Be neat and tidy in writing out the practice list.  Be certain each word is spelled correctly.  Skip one line between words.  Make two neat columns.  Fill out the list gradually over time.  Where to get the words?  From the students’ own writing.  Any time the student or teacher … Read the rest of this post…

3 Reasons Why Singapore Math Curriculum is Recommended by the NCTM

Math education in U.S. schools has been broken for many years but now a fix is available.

Students in U.S. high schools have been consistently scoring near the bottom of the list of countries participating in International math tests. Among the 30 nations participating in the 2006 PISA test, only 4 nations had lower test scores. The 2006 results were about the same as the results from the 2003 PISA tests. In other words, U.S. students are near the bottom, barely above developing nations, and showing no signs of moving up.

By contrast, these same math tests consistently show Asian nations scoring at the top. In the 2003 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), Singapore ranked number 1 … Read the rest of this post…

Learn English Vocabulary on Your Own

Teachers concur that the very best way to learn English vocabulary is through extensive reading, and gradually over time.  Vocabulary can be learned from lists, but only if done right.  Unfortunately, many vocabulary curricula are only crash courses consisting mostly in memorizing words and their definitions, and end up doing very little to enhance a student’s actual working vocabulary.  If you are a high school student and you really want to learn English vocabulary, try the daily sentence method.

To start with, you do need to set a goal of the vocabulary to be learned.  There are all kinds of ways to find a good word list.  One way is by purchasing a solid vocabulary workbook such as Wordly Read the rest of this post…

Switched On Schoolhouse 10th Grade Geometry Review

For me, I love the fact that the Switched On Schoolhouse offers a completely automatic grading and lesson planning feature.  The teacher does not have to spend time making checklists for the students or creating deadlines for them.  You simply enter the start and end dates and any vacation days for the school year, and the computer lays everything out.  It even displays daily goals and upcoming 10th grade geometry deadlines on the student’s homepage so that they do not need nearly so many reminders from their teacher to keep up with their work.

For 10th grade geometry, it can be hard to picture how a student would be able to do all hi work on the computer.  Aren’t … Read the rest of this post…