Alpha Omega Lifepac 6th Grade Math

Students can study 6th grade math the fun Alpha Omega Lifepac way.  Learning is fun and enjoyable with the colorful workbooks with appealing cartoons and motivating methodology.  A mastery approach keeps kids from getting bored with too much repetition, and a Christian perspective ensures a wholesome worldview throughout.  The efficient mastery of material and the satisfying sense of accomplishment that keeps students motivated are hallmarks of the Alpha Omega Lifepac approach.

Topics and Methodology:
Students of 6th grade math are laying an important foundation for 7th grade pre-high school concepts.  In this crucial year, topics include numbers to billions; geometric symbols; percents, fractions and decimals; Roman numerals; converting metric units; statistics; and mental math.

The highly motivating Alpha Omega Lifepac … Read the rest of this post…

Alpha Omega Lifepac 12th Grade Physics

The Alpha Omega Lifepac 12th grade physics program is a great final science course for the 12th grade student about to head off to college.  The general approach of the Alpha Omega Lifepac program is to provide a college preparatory program that makes science interesting even to reluctant learners.  The unusual unit workbook method motivates students to work hard and succeed.  The mastery learning helps to keep the material fresh and exciting and to streamline the learning process.  Most important of all, with this Christian curriculum, students study creation while giving praise to the Creator.  Alpha Omega Lifepac strives to give 12th grade physics students a grounding in Biblical view of science which can be a crucial preparation for college.… Read the rest of this post…

Singapore Math by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Reaches 50 States

Number of U.S. schools implementing Singapore Math multiplies as results demonstrate improved student achievement

NEW YORK — April 22, 2010 — Start with a small Asian city-state with a national character geared toward problem-solving. Add an innovative math curriculum distributed by the world’s leading education publisher. Multiply the curriculum approach by a growing number of schools nationwide. And the sum of the equation? Improved math scores wherever the program is implemented — and exciting potential for American schools at a time of renewed focus on education.

Singapore Math, as the curriculum has been dubbed, has received a great deal of attention from educators across the country. No fewer than 18 separate sessions at the 2010 National Council of Supervisors … Read the rest of this post…

My First Lab Microscope 40x To 400x Review

Using this student microscope in class is a wonderful experience for children, teens and for adults also.

When that purchase includes assorted little creatures and cellular “things,” it is a marvelous hands-on experience for kids, having a much greater impact than reading a book or seeing a video. It is like the difference between a recorded show and “live”. The live version is usually much more exciting, and that is the case here.

The advantages of My First Lab Microscope lie in range of magnification. Magnification at 40X does make a pinhead dot amoeba come to life before you, as small a magnification as that might seem. Also, the adjustments allow both the adjustment of the platform on which … Read the rest of this post…

Kentucky Homeschooling Laws and Requirements

In the Bluegrass State the public school system is about average but “My Old Kentucky Home” offers very lenient homeschool requirements.  According to, Kentucky public schools rank 32 out of 51 in the nation.  Parents who wish avoid the public school scene to bring their children home need only notify the board of education of the local school district of the names of children enrolled in the school and keep attendance records and school progress reports.

Under Kentucky homeschooling laws and court decisions, home schools are considered private or parochial schools.  They must notify the school board of the names of the students attending (generally by sending a letter) within the first two weeks of school.  They must keep … Read the rest of this post…

Bob Jones Bible Truths Curriculum for First Grade

Bob Jones University Press has an extensive curriculum of high quality student and teacher books for school and homeschool use.  I have enjoyed using the BJU Press books throughout the years. These books have always performed well and been a joy to use, and the first grade Bible curriculum does not disappoint.

I used this Bob Jones curriculum for 2 years.  The first year I used it in a private school setting with a regular classroom of first graders, and the second year I used it in a homeschool setting.  Both applications were benefited through the use of this Bible curriculum. In the school setting we had the entire teacher resource set which includes a beautiful set of flashcards … Read the rest of this post…

Using Melissa And Doug Magnetic Pattern Blocks Set

This article presents 4 ideas for using Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks Set.

Pattern blocks are great learning tools that teach kids about geometric shapes, shape and size relations, and of course patterns. There are great games you can play, and kids will learn a lot from open-ended experimentation, as well. Magnetic pattern block sets, such as the ones from Melissa and Doug are a convenient way to play since the pieces “stick” in place and reduce the frustration kids sometimes experience when the pieces go sliding away all over the place after they’ve carefully laid them down.

Most pattern blocks sets come with pattern cards for the kids to imitate. This is a great source of ideas … Read the rest of this post…

Cool Science Project for Kids: Spore Prints from Wild Fungi

A very cool science project for kids that can be done with wild fungi is making spore prints.  A perfect project for kids middle school age and up, spore prints are easy to make and the results are beautiful and interesting pieces like artwork.  Students can collect as many unique prints as possible, documenting the amazing variety of fungal life in the area.

To get started with this cool science project for kids, you will need to gather the right supplies.  Then you will need to keep them ready until the conditions are right for mushrooms to grow (in the meantime, students can read all about mycelia and the invisible growth of a fungus before it sprouts any mushrooms).  When … Read the rest of this post…

High School Chemistry Projects

The high school chemistry projects in Dr. Jay Wile’s chemistry books (published by Apologia curriculum) are very well planned and well written.  By following the instructions step by step, a parent and student can confidently accomplish appropriately advanced experiments.  The experiments are chosen to illustrate key Chemistry 1 concepts and include the uses of stoichiometry, acid/base titration, and kinetics.

Dr. Wile has taught chemistry in the classroom as well as homeschooled his own daughter, so he is extremely familiar with teaching and with selecting home-appropriate experiments to illustrate the concepts being studied.  The experiments he chooses use chemicals easily available in the grocery store and equipment easily available in the kitchen.  The procedures are very safe so that no one … Read the rest of this post…

Unit Studies from Teacher Created Resources

There are a number of unit studies available inexpensively from Teacher Created Resources.  These cross curricular activities are great for engaging all sorts of learners at once, even reluctant ones.  They are designed for use in the conventional classroom, but can be successfully adapted for homeschool.

One thing most people really like about Teacher Created Resources is that the workbooks are very inexpensive and full of reproducibles.  This means that they might be a good value for a homeschool family even if using them required some adaptation.  Another strong point is that the materials were designed, as TCR puts it “by teachers for teachers.”  The activities are ones that real teachers have found really work with real students.

Teacher Created … Read the rest of this post…