Switched On Schoolhouse 11th Grade Algebra 2 Review

Students love Switched On Schoolhouse for its multimedia features and easy to use homepage.  There is audio feedback, and even an option for all lesson text to be read aloud to the student.  For teaching 11th grade Algebra 2, the Switched On Schoolhouse program offers a lot of perks I like such as automatic homework grading; customized lesson plans; and professional grade reports.

The automatic grading is designed to save so much time and to give students the opportunity to get feedback on their 11th grade Algebra 2 homework right away, instead of waiting for a teacher to grade it.  It is an awesome feature.  They enter their homework answers directly into the computer, and right away it tells … Read the rest of this post…

Indispensable Supplement to Typical Anatomy Books

Get out your colored pencils or fine tipped markers!  The Anatomy Coloring Book is the revolutionary new way to study college level anatomy.  Anatomy has historically been what many college students call a “killer” course, requiring as it does the memorization of hundreds and hundreds of terms for the many structures and parts of structures in the human body.  The Anatomy Coloring Book helps with this Herculean task by engaging more parts of the brain in the learning exercise, thus making the material more memorable.

Most anatomy books provide colored photos or illustrations.  Students themselves often messily copy messy diagrams from the chalkboard as their professor lectures.  The former are often quite realistic and accurate, but engage the student very … Read the rest of this post…

Scott Foresman Math vs Bob Jones Math

This article compares the pros and cons of two popular math curriculums, Bob Jones Math and Scott Foresman Math.

Bob Jones Math is used mostly in Christian schools and by homeshool families. It is a K-12 curriculum. Scott Foresman Math is an elementary and middle school curriculum designed for and used mostly in public school classrooms. Some homeschoolers maintain that Bob Jones curriculum – which started out as a private school curriculum – still has something of a classroom “feel”. Scott Foresman is frankly designed for the classroom.

The later editions of Bob Jones have been modified to make them more homeschool friendly. The activities have been adapted to be more suitable for a single student in a home environment, … Read the rest of this post…

Alpha Omega Horizons Curriculum Wins Award

AOP’s Horizons Curriculum Wins 2009 Homeschooling Parent Magazine Stamp of Approval Award

Rock Rapids, IA (April 15, 2009) – The Horizons curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications® (AOP), a leading publisher of Christian curricula for Christian schools and homeschool families worldwide, has been awarded the 2009 Homeschooling Parent Magazine Stamp of Approval Award. Well-known for its dedication in helping homeschool parents make informed decisions regarding quality Christian curriculum, Homeschooling Parent Magazine selected AOP’s Horizons Phonics & Reading homeschool curriculum for honors in its “Best Grammar & Phonics Curriculum” category. The criteria for receiving this complimentary award were based not only on parental input, but also on Horizons’ availability, support, user-friendliness, and cost.

“In today’s tough economic times, we’re thankful to … Read the rest of this post…

Math Counters in the Kindergarten Classroom

For helping kindergartners learn their math, manipulatives such as math counters are fantastic.  Besides learning to count and make simple additions and subtractions, students are also at the stage of learning what number symbols mean.  They are also little children and learn best with lots of hands on and fun activities.

Some very popular math counters are those shaped like little teddy bears of all different colors.  The cute faces of the bears and their satisfying chunky shape and texture and weight in the hand make them fun for children to work with right as they are.  Teachers can also make up little stories about the bears involving simple math problems.  There are similar counters available shaped like other animals, … Read the rest of this post…

Overview of Apologia Chemistry Science Curriculum

Your student will be well prepared for college with Exploring Creation with Chemistry, from Apologia Educational Media. This course is usually taken in 10th grade, since Algebra 1 is a prerequisite. Apologia science takes an approach that is specifically designed to be homeschool friendly, so it can be taught easily even by someone with little science background.

The materials and equipment used in the experiments are fairly common household items. Specialized equipment such as beakers make things easier, but household substitutes such as glass measuring cups work just fine. You may need to purchase a thermometer, if you don’t already own one with a wide enough range.

The student book of this homeschool curriculum contains many features which make it … Read the rest of this post…

New Hampshire Homeschooling Laws and Requirements

In keeping with its motto, “Live free or die,” New Hampshire upholds the fundamental right of parents to direct the education of their own children as they see fit. In an important case, in 1982, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled upheld parents’ fundamental right to homeschool. In a state with exceptionally high achieving public school system, NH parents indeed have excellent educational choices. Under New Hampshire homeschooling laws, parents must file notice of intent, maintain appropriate records according to NH homeschool requirements, and administer annual assessment which they then submit to their participating agency.

New Hampshire public school system is considered one of the best in the country. Graduation rates are a solid 7 percent ahead of the … Read the rest of this post…

Wordly Wise 3000 Curriculum Contents

Wordly Wise 3000 series helps student boost test scores! This vocabulary series for grades 2-12 teaches students 3000 words from literature, textbooks, and the SAT. These valuable words help boost students’ scores on high-stakes tests. Quality exercises ensure understanding by placing words in context, having students apply the meaning in different situations, as well as answer comprehension questions. Built-in cumulative reviews reinforce previous vocabulary.

For primary-grade students, the Wordly Wise 3000 A, B, C series helps them learn 300 new vocabulary words through interesting and enjoyable exercises. As they read the words in context, apply their meanings to different situations, and respond to reading comprehension questions in sentences, the students make the words their own. Wordly Wise 3000 Books A, … Read the rest of this post…

Alpha Omega Lifepac 10th Grade Biology Review

The Alpha Omega Lifepac course for 10th grade biology teaches at a good, challenging level.  I’m surprised and impressed.  It covers advanced science vocabulary and brings in a lot of chemistry.  The course sticks with the unit workbook format that is so helpful for motivating students, but adds in essay questions and even reports.  It is a Christian curriculum, which I think is very important in high school science.

This is definitely a lab course.  In fact, experiments are assigned in every 10th grade biology lesson, and the information is pretty essential if you want to be able to complete the lesson.  The increased challenge means that the unit workbook format is an even more welcome than in earlier … Read the rest of this post…

Review for Apologia Marine Biology Science Curriculum

This book is an advanced textbook written by a marine biologist who also happens to be a homeschool mom. It is a specialized subject study from a Christian perspective that is perfect for a student considering majoring in the field, or even for non-college bound seniors looking for an interesting class for science credit. There are interesting ocean-specific labs as well.

The author has done a great job maintaining the Apologia science conversational style of writing. The characteristic 16 module format is also used, with a study guide and module summary at the end of each module to help prepare for the test. In addition to the module tests, this science curriculum includes four quarterly tests as well, which … Read the rest of this post…