Alpha Omega Lifepac 4th Grade Math Review

The Alpha Omega Lifepac program is really unusual in a lot of ways.  It is a homeschool curriculum written for homeschoolers, that is also used in private schools.  It is a mastery learning program, that also incorporates review.  And it is a highly successful kindergarten to 12th grade college preparatory curricula in which students never graduate from the workbook format.

I like it because it is very simple and streamlined.  The teacher’s guide is short, with the answer keys included.  The workbooks are extremely straightforward for the student.  And that’s all there is to the program, just the teacher book and workbooks.  No extra worksheets or answer keys to juggle.  No supplementary homework books.  Just the 4th grade mathRead the rest of this post…

Mississippi Homeschooling Laws and Requirements

In Mississippi, public education is at an all time low. It is a wonder that parents don’t all pull their kids in unison and decide to homeschool. According to a ranking from, Mississippi’s public school performance ranks 50 out of 51 in the nation. MS homeschool requirements would earn the Magnolia State a much higher grade.

Mississippi’s public school report card is pretty dismal, with average ACT scores significantly below the national average – the lowest in the nation. Fourth and eighth grade math and reading scores are a minimum of ten points below the national average, earning MS rankings of 49 and 50 in those areas. High school graduation rate is a dismal 61%. These combined factors, … Read the rest of this post…

Chemistry Experiments for Middle School Teachers

1)  Test various solvents and see how well they clean up stains from different types of ink.  Students can use permanent markers, dry erase markers, and ordinary washable children’s coloring markers (make sure all are the same color) for these chemistry experiments.  For solvents, try alcohol, plain water, soapy water, and cleaning vinegar.  For test materials, use thirty strips of smooth, cotton cloth.  Five small glass or ceramic bowls will be needed for the solvents.

Students should write the letter ‘X’ once on the end of five strips with permanent marker, another five with dry erase markers, and another five with the washable coloring marker.  Next, pour a small amount of alcohol into a bowl and rinse the first … Read the rest of this post…

Ideas for the Spelling Practice Book

A spelling practice book is indispensable part of any spelling program.  This gives a designated space where students jot down words they need to work on, and where they then go and work on those words.  There are many ways to organize the spelling practice book.  Here are a few:

Use left hand pages for listing “words to be practiced” and the right hand page for doing that practice.  Be neat and tidy in writing out the practice list.  Be certain each word is spelled correctly.  Skip one line between words.  Make two neat columns.  Fill out the list gradually over time.  Where to get the words?  From the students’ own writing.  Any time the student or teacher … Read the rest of this post…

Alpha Omega Lifepac First Grade Science Review

For first graders when you are teaching them science, they always have a blast, especially if you make it very hands on.  In Alpha Omega Lifepac, I love the way the curriculum is full of color and lots of cute illustrations.  It is also easy for the teacher to use, since the teacher guide is just one thin book.  There are a few notes that are very helpful on how to use the curriculum and what I really love are the lists.  There are all kinds of first grade science activities and experiments that you can do, with supply lists or suggested resources, too.

There are all the typical ones that you might remember from your own childhood, such … Read the rest of this post…

Building Spelling Skills Book 2 by Christian Liberty Press

There are many publishers out there but this is one I always come back to. The Building Spelling Skills series by Christian Liberty Press is one I have chosen for my own children time and again. This publisher is christian based so words included have to do with biblical pretense. This is a plus for those of us looking for bible based or influenced curriculum. You can truly trust this publisher with your child’s education. Building Spelling Skills Book two is their 2nd grade spelling book. The format is simple and it is very easy to use and follow.

There are very clear instructions in the introduction page of this 2nd grade spelling book that map out a clear … Read the rest of this post…

Top 10 List of Homeschool Curriculum Books

Homeschoolers prefer to teach their kids at home for a reason. They prefer to use different teaching materials from what is widely used in public schools. But the top 10 list of homeschool curriculum sales might surprise you. The same parents who have pulled their kids out of public school classrooms have brought the public school books into their homes in very large numbers. At the top of the list we found brands like Wordly Wise Vocabulary, Saxon Math and Explode the Code, all widely used in public schools. Based on over 10 years of homeschool sales history from our online retail store, five of the top 10 curriculum brands purchased by homeschoolers are brands widely used in public … Read the rest of this post…

Alpha Omega Lifepac 12th Grade Precalculus Review

If you have a twelfth grade student ready for pre-calculus, the Alpha Omega Lifepac is a great way to go.  I find that the Alpha Omega Lifepac packages are a great way to pick up an elective for a high school student.  It’s literally an “elective in a box” and has everything you need – even storage, since the box itself is great for storing the books.

The 12th grade precalculus student text is actually broken down into ten different workbooks for the ten different units he will study.  Then there is just one simple teacher’s guide that has answers and tests, lists, and notes.  It is all so simple to use, it’s just what you need when he’s … Read the rest of this post…

Alpha Omega Lifepac 4th Grade Science Review

When you look at the Alpha Omega Lifepac curriculum, you might think to yourself, this is too good to be true.  It is a 4th grade science curriculum in a box, you pick the subject and grade level and they have ten little workbooks and a teacher guide just for you.  It seems like it is just too easy.  But it actually works.  The curriculum is college preparatory and so many families absolutely love it.

The mastery learning is great for giving students a motivating sense of accomplishment.  They start in workbook one, doing one 4th grade science lesson per day and in three to four weeks they are taking their unit test and putting that workbook away on … Read the rest of this post…

Go Math! vs Singapore Math Kindergarten

Go Math!” is a new Houghton Mifflin Harcourt curriculum for Kindergarten through 6th grade math.  It’s designed to meet new “common core” Federal and state level academic standards for school districts.  The Singapore Math Standards curriculum is a program that also covers “common core” and other standards.  It is a full Kindergarten through 12th grade math curriculum.  The kindergarten of each program has its own benefits and drawbacks and distinctive style.

The Singapore Math advantage is proven and spectacular success.  For several years running, students taught using this curriculum outscored the entire world on international standardized math tests.  After its adoption in struggling US school districts, student scores went from failing to excelling in just … Read the rest of this post…