Christian Liberty Nature Readers Review

We used books 3, 4, and 5 in the Nature Reader series from Christian Liberty Press, and they are a fantastic and simple way to supplement your science curriculum!!   My two boys thought that the chapters were very interesting and enjoyable.  My older son has read all three boys and my younger son is finishing book number 4.

I require each child to read every day, and the books are easy and convenient to fit into our reading time.  Quite often we would see an animal while walking or playing outside which was highlighted in the book and they would share information about the animal with me.  When I asked where they learned what they shared, they said from … Read the rest of this post…

Apologia Elementary Science Books: In-Depth Information

My children have enjoyed Apologia Elementary Science Books throughout the years of our homeschooling. They really appreciate that the author does not dumb down the material, but gives them lots of in-depth information about the different topics. The books help children understand at a deeper level because each book concentrates on a particular area of science. I learn a lot myself while teaching it. The projects included are applicable to the lessons being taught.

Apologia can be read aloud to all ages or independently read by older elementary aged children. This is great for audible learners or those who learn and remember what they read, but it can be tiresome for kinesthetic learners, some visual learners, and some … Read the rest of this post…

How To Make a Hypothesis for a Chemistry Set Science Kit Experiment

So you have a beautiful brand new science kit, such as a chemistry set, and you want to set up a truly scientific experiment, something really professional, something tightly organized and keenly observed. Sounds like a great idea so far! So where do you begin?

The first step, perhaps the most important step, is a well-thought-out hypothesis. This article provides instructions for how to make a great hypothesis.

A hypothesis is just a question and what you think the answer is. It’s been called an “educated guess.” To write a good one, keep two principles in mind: your hypothesis should be precise and it should be simple. It’s usually written as an “If…then…” statement.

Contrary to what you … Read the rest of this post…

Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6

Wordly Wise 3000, Book 6 (Second Edition) is an excellent study in vocabulary for sixth grade students.   Each book contains twenty lessons that teach fifteen words each.  There is also a review after every four lessons.

Each Worldy Wise lesson follows the same general format.  First, the new words are introduced.  Each word is defined and its part of speech is identified.  An example sentence is also given.  There are five exercises per lesson giving students ample opportunity to work with  the new words.  In exercise A, students match two parts of a sentence to form a sentence that lists one of the new words with its meaning.   Exercise B lets students replace a portion of a sentence with a … Read the rest of this post…

Go Math! vs Saxon Math 4th – 6th Grade

Go Math!  is a new Kindergarten through sixth grade math curriculum designed to follow new “Common Core” standards developed “to ensure that all students are ready for college or work when they graduate high school.”  The design is intended to make teaching these mandated Common Core areas easier to teach.  The format is mastery-based, with each chapter containing several lessons on the same topic.

Saxon Math is proven to turn failing math districts around in just a few years.  It uses an “incremental development” rather than mastery basis; Saxon teaches lessons on several different topics before circling back around to another lesson that builds on one of the same topics again.  Saxon Math has also become popular in a … Read the rest of this post…

Alpha Omega Lifepac 3rd Grade Science Review

The strengths of using the Alpha Omega Lifepac for 3rd grade science would be that it has a great format for motivating a reluctant learner and an awesome list of activities and resources.  The format is so simple and straightforward.  It makes things very easy for the teacher.  Instead of a big textbook divided into chapters or units, there is a separate little workbook for each unit.  Then there is a teacher’s guide and it is nice and thin, not too long or complicated.

The curriculum is very flexible.  You can use it straight out of the box, just essentially start the 3rd grade science student off in workbook one and have them read one lesson per day and … Read the rest of this post…

Overview of Alpha Omega Lifepac 2nd Grade Math

Title: Overview of Alpha Omega Lifepac 2nd Grade Math
Publisher: Alpha Omega Lifepac
Grade Level: Kindergarten math
Prerequisites: Preschool math understanding
Required Materials: Manipulatives

The Alpha Omega Lifepac approach to math is mastery learning, with a Christ-centered attitude.  Cute cartoon characters enliven the pages and memory verses help kids keep their focus on the Lord.  The methodology encourages the satisfaction of accomplishment in the child.  In 2nd grade math, children are more confident readers ready for a slightly more independence in their learning, and many enjoy working ahead in their Alpha Omega Lifepac workbooks.

The 2nd grade math in Alpha Omega Lifepac covers various topic areas such as operation symbols; numbers 1-1000; shapes

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Scott Foresman Math vs MCP Math

Children learn through play, so toys do not have to specifically be labeled as childrens educational toys to be a valuable educational resource. But there are specific things to look for so all of your child’s toys will be sure to enhance his learning development. First, especially for young children, toys should be very open-ended. Also, check for quality and safety.

Childrens educational toys should first and foremost let kids be kids! They should provide lots of open-ended opportunity for fun. Studies show that computer game toys or other electronic “push-button” toys have no beneficial effect on learning. In fact, the studies found that the electronic toys seem to do the opposite, conditioning kids to think only along the lines … Read the rest of this post…

Vermont Homeschooling Laws and Requirements

The Green Mountain state provides public education of exceptional excellence. It is ranked second only to Minnesota in this regard. Homeschooling rights are also recognized, although Vermont homeschooling laws do have a fair amount of red tape to wade through.

In Vermont, average math and reading scores are a stunning 9 points above the national average, with ACT and SAT scores, solidly above par as well. Continuing this trend of exceptional excellence, Vermont public school graduation rates are at 84.3%, an incredible 14.1 percentage points higher than the national average. Based on these and other applicable factors, has ranked Vermont 2 out of 51 nationally.

Homeschoolers in Vermont are exempt from any compulsory attendance, if the homeschool program operates … Read the rest of this post…

Bob Jones French Language Level 2 Teacher Review

I always avoided French in school.  The words didn’t look like the way they were pronounced!  Wouldn’t you know, God led our family to a French-speaking country and we worked there for many years.  I came to love the French language and eventually teach it to my children!  (Never say never.)

Bob Jones has a high-quality French language program.  I used French 2 for Christian Schools once and am holding on to it to teach it to my up-and-coming high schoolers.  This review is for the Teacher’s Edition, which you need to have to use the course.


The vocabulary and scenarios are relevant.  Have you looked at other high school textbooks?  Oftentimes, the conversations either revolve around dating … Read the rest of this post…